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“Discover Kazakh Nomads” LLC is the family company and established in 2015. It is a fully licensed Mongolian Tourist Company. Unique experience of Nomadic people of Mongolia with “Discover Kazakh Nomads” tour. Our mission is to provide the best travel experiences to our clients and to demonstrate the most authentic culture and natural aspects of each place visited within Western Mongolia.

The company founders are a couple, who live in Western Mongolia. We had been working tourism sector since 2010 as an English tour guide and driver.

In the last three years, we were working on tourism company management as well as tour planning, tour booking, communicate with customers. Now we start our business independently, and we will deliver our service to people directly with high quality and with negotiable price.  We have variety knowledge about Mongolian tourism sector and experience with organising tours as well.
We promise you that you will get below:
•    Express answers
•    Flexible management
•    Full information
•    Reliable service
•    Unforgettable moments
•    Fully satisfied

We provide the best and most experienced guides, drivers’ interpreters to take you on our group tailor made tours. When in the country side we offer the best camping equipment and in Ulgii, we our offer guests first class hospitality and the comforts. Our guides and drivers all grew up in the Altai Mountains and have in- depth experience and know how about the region. Our drivers are experiences and have been especially trained in of-road driving. Our friendly and professional team welcomes you to explore the land of Western Mongolia and the Altai Mountains and meet the local nomadic people. Let’s make your holiday unforgettable.

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