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What kind of accommodation is offered during the tours?

When staying in Ulgii City, we offer accommodation in:

  • Guesthouses and hotels. These are small dormitories or single rooms with bathrooms.
  • Tourist camps. In these camps, there are 20-30 private gers that have showers, shared bathrooms, and a restaurant in the tourist field.
  • Gers with a nomadic family.

Outside of Ulgii city and in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, we offer accomodation in:

  • Gers with a nomadic family. This is part of the standard tour. You can choose to live in the same ger as the nomadic family, or, stay in a private ger built near the nomadic family.There are no showers or toilets outside.Throughout the lengthy tours, stages are planned throughout the trip for showers. Eco-toilets will also be available.
  • Tents. Wherever we find ourselves in the vast Mongolian landscape, in forest or desert, tents will be readily available.
Can you help me book a hotel in Ulan Bator in case I decide to extend my trip?

Of course, we can help you find hotel in UB and book it for you.

Contact us and let us know what type of hotel you’re looking for (i.e. 3 or 5 star hotel? Single room or double? etc.) and other requirements.

What currency do you accept for payment of the trip?

On the website, the costs are based in Euros. But we accept Mongolian Tugrik and US Dollars. You can pay the down payment and the balance as you like.

To pay the balance at the beginning of the day trip you can go to an ATM at the station or airport, and withdraw US Dollars or Mongolian Tugrik.

We also accept payment with Visa Card and Master Card.