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We at Discover Kazakh Nomads LLC!

We already consider that your safety and enjoyment are the most critical considerations on our trip as well as standard. We offer comfortable and reliable Russian vans, safe Japanese jeeps and our professional drivers have from ten to over twenty years of experience. They know their way around all the many hidden roads of Mongolian nature and are skilled machine mechanics. Moreover, we are always proud that drivers are very friendly and funny! You will be amazed by their great geographical knowledge and how to find a single spot in western Mongolian vast wild nature.

Additional to Boka, he is one of the most experienced drivers in our company. He trains newly employed company drivers with skills on unmarked land and offroad driving skills and handiness, not to mention his kindness and helpfulness, has always received ” EXCELLENT” feedback from our customers.

Please notify Kazakh Nomads if you require a specific language driver or guide.