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Beautiful and Natural Mongolia

Explore the Tavan Bogd

Last Minute Airbnb Offer

We have various accommodation options in Western Mongolia.

Whether you are looking to stay in one of our luxury yurts or in our centrally located Bayan-Ulgii apartment, we have the accommodation that will provide you with the comfort and accessibility during your stay in the Altai Tavan Bogd region.


We organise and operate tours in Western Mongolia

About Kazakh Nomads

Kazahk Nomads is owned and operated by a Bayan-Ölgii Family

Comfortable accommodation options throughout Western Mongolia region

The roads of Mongolia are as wild as it’s nature. Our drivers know the best roads

Delicious Traditional Cuisine from the Kazakh region

Meals Cooked
10 +
Years of experience
Languages spoken
Golden Eagles Handled
1000 s
Unforgetable Adventures