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Welcome to Mongolia

Golden Eagle Festival 2024

The Eagle Festival was created when the older generations of eagle hunting Kazakhs found it difficult to garner interest from their children in keeping the tradition alive. The Eagle Festival, where hunting families showcase the customs and unique traditions has become a popular event that people from all over the world come to see. Now,…

Family holiday

Mongolia is an iconic destination for multi-generation vacations. Spend your holiday in Mongolia with your family. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience which the whole family can be a part of, our Family Holidays to Mongolia are certainly that. […]

8 Day Adventure in the Altai Mountains

In this 7 day trip, travel to the far western corner of Mongolia where the Altai Mountains lie - a stunningly beautiful region of snow-capped peaks, torrents, glaciers and large alpine lakes. Experience the unique Mongolian culture: the nomadic life, eagle hunting, traditional throat singing, and horse trekking and hiking.

10 Day Khuiten climbing tour


Last Minute Airbnb Offer

We have various accommodation options in Western Mongolia.

Whether you are looking to stay in one of our luxury yurts or in our centrally located Bayan-Ulgii apartment, we have the accommodation that will provide you with the comfort and accessibility during your stay in the Altai Tavan Bogd region.


We organise and operate tours in Western Mongolia

About Kazakh Nomads

Kazahk Nomads is owned and operated by a Bayan-Ölgii Family

Comfortable accommodation options throughout Western Mongolia region

The roads of Mongolia are as wild as it’s nature. Our drivers know the best roads

Delicious Traditional Cuisine from the Kazakh region

Meals Cooked
10 +
Years of experience
Languages spoken
Golden Eagles Handled
1000 s
Unforgetable Adventures

What our customers say

star rating  The inquiry was made very last minute, thank you Peka for quickly helping arrange everything. Peka also helped me buy a round trip bus to Ulaanbaatar and picked me up... read more

avatar thumb Kin W
October 14, 2023

star rating  Amazing experience in the wild - I took my tourists to Western Mongolia with Discover Kazakh Nomads LLC on Malchin peak and Altai, it was a great experience. The tour organization was very good and planned.... read more

avatar thumb sara_haryia
February 13, 2022

star rating  Fantastic tour with Kazakh Nomads.

All aspects of the tour were carefully arranged, including transport, meals and lodging.

We followed the itinerary pretty closely over the... read more

Bihu was easygoing and helpful throughout the trip, especially in helping to translate between the driver and Gool, our talented cook and storyteller.

Gool was able to whip up some fantastic meals over the course of the trip, including hand made buuz and khuushuur and even gimbap! Between her stories, jokes and delicious food our hearts and bellies were full the entire trip.

Overall a professional tour and rich, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you, Kazakh Nomads!

avatar thumb Justin S
August 29, 2023

star rating  A safe, very friendly experience - I and another girl met in Ulaanbaatar for the first time and were looking for a reliable tour guide in the Altai. We definitely found it with Peka and Kazakh... read more

avatar thumb Claire F
November 6, 2023