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10 Day Khuiten climbing tour

Price $3150
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10 Day Khuiten climbing tour

$3150 per person

10 day fully supported climbing tour. Summit the highest peak of Mongolia at 4374m. Quality outdoor and climbing equipment is provided. Most dates will be led by Bayaraa Baasanjav,

Mongolia’s western frontiers with Russia and China are guarded by the snow capped peaks of the Altai Tavan Bogd mountain range, highest in the country. Its highest and most interesting peaks are Khuiten, Nairamdal, Malchin, Snowchurch and Ulgii. The longest glacier of Mongolia, the Potanin glacier stretches for 19km from the eastern face of Mt. Khuiten. On the summit day, when on the top of Khuiten, you will be able to glance into Russia and China. The local Tuvan herders acting as your camel caravan handlers and as porters will make an unforgettable company and share their culture and traditions with you.

  • Included
    All Museum Tickets
    Horse Guide
    National Park Permits and Fees
    Personal Guide
  • Not Included
    Typical Souvenir
Day 1 Flight to Bayan-Ulgii, drive to National Park boundary
Early this morning take a 3 hour flight to Ulgii town in Western Mongolia. The Kazakhs living in the area are the largest national minority and practice Sunni Islam. A number of other ethnic groups also reside in the province in the region. Upon arrival meet with a support team of driver(s), cook(s) and a guide and head westward to Tavan Bogd national park. At the end of a 3 hours travel across mountainous desert we will have lunch in the valley of Sogoog river. Continue driving to the White River Valley, the gateway to the Tavan Bogd Peaks The valley is dominated by the sacred Shiveet Mountain, around which lie hundreds of ancient Burial mounds and Petroglyphs Meet up with local Tuvan herders who will provide us with horses and camels for the trek.
Day 2 Hike to Tavan Bogd base camp
Today we trek to base camp of the Tavan Bogd. This gradual ascent takes us through a high mountain terrain of rock outcroppings and of wetlands. With a bit of luck you will see some of the wildlife that inhabit the area including marmots, hares and a number of birds such us Golden Eagles, Black Vultures and Falcons. Our entire luggage will be transported by camels handled by Tuvan herders. Upon completing two thirds' of the way there open majestic perspectives of Potanin and Alexander glaciers with the icy peaks of Khuiten (4374m), Nairamdal (4082m), Snowchurch (4071m), Malchin (4050m), and Ulgii (4113m) on their far side. This evening we camp at 2900m. (tent/B,L,D)
Day 3 Climb Malchin Peak
After breakfast we will head to Malchin peak. This is 4050 meter (13287.4 foot) high from s.l. The peak is famous for that it is located right on borderline between Russia and Mongolia. It gives you to enjoy surround nature of both country. Also it is possible to climb up without using any special climbing equipment. Normally it takes around 7 hours to up and down total. Back to camping place. Stay overnight in a tent.
Day 4 Glacier training
After breakfast we hike over the moraine and reach the Potanin glacier which is the largest one in Mongolia with it’s length of 19 km and width of 6 km. Then climbing gears on and start glacier training lead by your guide for few hours and walk back to the BC in the afternoon. After that we have leisure time for next challenging days and an alternate you may hike shortly around the BC.(tent/B,L,D)
Day 5-7 Khuiten ascent
Our challenge for the following 4 days (including one leeway day) is the Khuiten peak. To reach its base we need to cross the Potanin glacier, which lies in between. An advanced base camp will be set up below the eastern face of Khuiten. A number of crevasses is to be traversed before reaching the Khuiten's foothill. The actual ascent, although technically moderate takes 4 hours. From the summit there opens a tremendous bird eye view over China, Russia and the neighboring snowcapped ridges and snow fields. Weather permitting we should be back to the base camp in the evening of the eighth day. In such case you can use the following day either for rest or for optional cultural activities upon return to the White river valley. (tent/B,L,D)
Day 8 Hike back to White River
Today we hike back to our camp in the White River valley. This time it is a gradual descent along the White river which takes its source from the Potanin glacier. It is a chance to glance into every single valley of the icy massif and witness how the initial stream of glacial dust transforms into the mighty White river. Back to our vehicles to we celebrate our ascent. (B,L,D).
Day 9 Drive to Khurgan and Khoton lakes
Khurgan-Khoton Lake is located in an intermontane tectonic depression in the northern portion of the Mongolian Altai. Its Surface area is 50.1 km2; the average depth is 26.6 m; the maximum depth is approximately 58 m. Khoton nuur has one Iceland which is covered by woods. The system of Khoton Nuur and Khurgan Nuur lakes, connected by a wide channel, is the source of the Hovd River which drains the whole Mongolian Altai. Lake Khoton Nuur was formed by glacial blockages. Khurgan nuur is the lowest point of Altai Tavan Bogd National park. Some fishes are in lake Khoton and lake Khurgan nuur. You will meet Eagle Hunter and get chance to hold Eagles and shoot nice pictures. Overnight stay with Eagle Hunter’s family and explore nomads life.
Day 10 Return drive back to Ulgii
We take a 7 hour drive back to Ulgii. Tonight is your chance to sleep in a Guest Ger House. (/B,L,D)
Day 11 Return flight to Ulaanbaatar
This morning we catch a return flight to Ulaanbaatar. ( B)

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