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About Us

Owned by a Bayan-Ölgii Family

Kazakh Nomads is a family owned company. We make sure our guests feel like a part of our family. Kazakh Nomads was created to give travellers the real Kazakh cultural experience in Bayan-Ulgii.

Comfortable Accomodation

We invite guests to stay in our peaceful, remote, countryside family Ger. Located in a National Park, our family Ger is surrounded by the breathtaking geography of the Altai Mountains, close to the Chinese border. Enjoy the picturesque lakes and waterfalls, and visit our neighbours: an Eagle hunting family. We provide comfortable accomodation in the Bayan-Ulgii province. Come home from your western Mongolian travels to a warm bed and free Wi-Fi, and enjoy your own bathroom and dining room. Also visit Tsengel (meaning “Delight“) where our family lives seasonally throughout the year.

Stay with Kazakh nomad families

Experience the unique opportunity of participating in the herder’s lifestyle. See and be a part of a Kazakh family’s daily chores and activities.

10 Years of Great Service

For over 10 years, we have delivered a great service running and developing tours great for individuals, groups of friends, and families with children. Our expert team includes translators who bridge language barriers and provides cultural explanation, experienced drivers, excellent cooks, and horse care takers.

Off the beaten track

The road condition of Western Mongolia is as wild as it’s nature. Our drivers know the best roads. Our tours consist of travelling in Russian vans, camels for packing, and riding horses.

Delicious Traditional Cuisine

During your trip, your personal cook will prepare delicious traditional dishes. Try the local Huushuur or Buuz, while we enjoy the outdoors.