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Manager & Founder of Discover Kazakh Nomads LLC


Pyerizat Yerjan

CEO & TOUR MANAGER /ENGLISH/ Pyerizat, the agency’s founder and local guide. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English education from the University of Kazakhstan in Almata.

After graduation, she began working as a teacher at a secondary school. In the middle, she worked for three years as a Learning Center Coordinator for the World Vision program, and she then continued working as a teacher at a school as well as a tour manager for travel agencies.

She runs a tourism business during the summer when school is out for three months. Pyerizat is intimately familiar with the area. She is very nice and always tries to help visitors. She enjoys traveling.

She is in charge of finding innovative solutions to maximize the company’s growth in addition to her current role.

Phone: +976 9942 0752