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Guli is an expert chef and one of your personal cooks on your tours. The cooks will prepare delicious traditional dishes. Try the local Huushuur or Buuz. We have 4 additional chefs as part of Kazakh Nomads and they all […]

Pyerizat Yerjan The Founder/ Managing director She has entered in tourism sector as a tour guide for 10 years and last 5 years as a tour manager, she established DISCOVER KAZAKH NOMADS Company. She also works  at a secondary high […]

Janbota/ Bota Accountant She is an experienced accountant, worked for government organizations, and earned a number of qualifications. She speaks Chinese and Russian, takes some outbound travel arrangements, and loves to travel around the World.

Nuka- is a Stock Keeper who’s an economist and his hobby is fishing  Nuka is operating all our expeditions. He manages the camping gear and travel equipment, which makes him the main direct contributor to our client’s satisfaction. He is […]

Dorj Batsukh is a Tuvan throat singer who lives in Tsengel. He has learned throat singing from the age of 7.  He graduated from Tuva College of Arts and Culture in 2010. Now he is singing throat to people and […]

We at Discover Kazakh Nomads LLC! We already consider that your safety and enjoyment are the most critical considerations on our trip as well as standard. We offer comfortable and reliable Russian vans, safe Japanese jeeps and our professional drivers […]

We have great relationships with local Eagle Hunters to the Bayan-Ulgii province in local villages: Tsengel, Tsagsai, and Tolbo. Eagle Hunters that are part of the Kazakh Nomad team: Khumisbyek and Muratkhan are from a generational family of Eagle Hunters […]

General Tour Guide He graduated from Shanghai University. He has been to some countries of the World, speaks English, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and likes traveling, hiking, reading, and fishing. Working as a Tour Guide at Discover Kazakh Nomads Agency since […]